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Judo Club Osaka is taking the next step in becoming one of the most successful judo clubs in the UK, with its’ move to the new Fight Science gym, historically known as Maida Gym, Aldershot.

The club, which was established in 1980, is a family affair having been founded by Richard Dove and now continuing under the direction of his sons, Adrian and Simon. Over the past few years the club has become one of the top three clubs in Great Britain, with currently 13 players in the England Squad. As a result Adrian Dove is now part of the England Coaching Team and runs a weekly National Squad training session. Judo Club Osaka has now become one of the England Squad Performance Clubs due to the number of high achieving judoka within the club. The club has grown substantially and now incorporates three satellite clubs, as well as the main Aldershot venue.

Of the current membership, five are Commonwealth medallists, three of them winning medals in the recent Commonwealth Championships in Cardiff. Nine current members are, or have been, British Champions and five have been National Schools Champions. Three players have won the UK School Games and one player has recently been invited to try out for the GB Senior Squad. Judo Club Osaka has also produced two players who have competed at the European Cadet Championships. Many players are regularly selected to compete abroad representing their country.

However, it is not just at the National level that the club is successful. There are many younger and lower grade players coming through, showing equal promise in the lower level competitions. To provide valuable experience and promote good team spirit and a sense of belonging, regular club competitions and events are held with the National players available to assist and support the newer judoka.

Not surprisingly, Judo Club Osaka holds the well deserved Silver Clubmark Award, which reflects the outstanding achievements and hard work undertaken by the coaches, players and those behind the scenes.

The move to the Fight Science venue, with the excellent facilities and support available will now help Judo Club Osaka with its’ aim to be the best!



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